Rugby through and through - the family legend of Old Jiggle

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saints container unitThis year we are proud to selling our delicious pork rolls at the Northampton Saints ground again, from a new, all singing and dancing purpose built unit in the village area. As part of the new signage we were looking through some old photos of the shop and family that we might be able to use to illustrate our sense of tradition but the conversations brought up an old family story that I'd half forgotten about...that of 'Old Jiggle'.

Albert Jiggle was my grandfather's grandfather...or my great great grandfather if you're getting technical! He owned a bootmakers in Rugby opposite the school and legend has it that as well as mending the boots of all the rugby players, he was one of the first, along with Gilberts, to make the rugby balls for the school. Obviously, Gilberts made a much better job of it as they're still around, but Old Jiggle did have one duty that made him memorable - it was his job to take the ball onto the pitch at the beginning of each game, in particular for the centenary match in 1923 where, according to his obituary, the press reported he added "a picturesque touch". Old Jiggle's daughter married Frank Saul who opened FE Saul and Sons on the same spot we are now in Spratton.albert jiggle

I love this old family story. I like to think that as well as huge rugby fans now, we have a little bit of rugby history in our blood! Perhaps we should rename the Saints trailer as "The Jiggling Pig"!

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  1. Kate Ashley

    Really interesting, I too am a great niece of Edgar, granddaughter of Dora, but my family tree given to me by my mother does not include Albert! I was told that Edgar and Dora's father was William Jiggle a shoe maker and repairer who moved to Rugby in 1900 from Gamblingay.

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  2. Neil McGowan

    Message for Graham Ware. I am happy for you to contact me direct (07534430910). The medal is the Mons Star. Happy to pass it to a member of his family. Regards

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  3. Graham Ware

    Message for Neil McGowan re Edgar Jiggle. My partner is the great niece of Edgar. (Grand daughter of Nelly). Any family history would be very interesting.

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  4. Neil McGowan

    I have come across a war medal for Private Edgar Jiggle. His history suggest that his brother Albert was a boot maker on School Street, Rugby. Has similar links to the story on your website. Happy for you to get in touch if I can re-unite this medal with a family member

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  5. Veronica Petchey

    What an amazing story........innovative lineage obviously. Amazing website..amazing shop, amazing products and staff. Well done Saul's.

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