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Marinated chicken goujons

Marinated chicken goujons


Smaller strips of marinated lean chicken breast, quick to cook and perfect for barbecues


:  at  £4.99  each

Choose from our range of marinades on these super easy chicken breast goujons. A favourite with children and perfect for barbecues.

Pack weight min 400g approx 6-8 goujons


(lemon pepper contains wheat (gluten)eggssoyamilkcelerymustard)

(chinese contains barley (gluten)eggssoyamilkcelerymustard, preservative E220 sulphur dioxide

(honey roast contains barley (gluten)eggssoyamilkcelerymustard)

(black garlic contains soya)

(peppersteak contains wheat (gluten), mustard)

(BBQ contains barley)