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The reddest and nosiest of all pork pies!

(February 27, 2013)

We have created the reddest and nosiest of all pork pies to raise money for Red Nose Day on March 15 and are selling them across the county from this week.

And what's more, we are offering a challenge to anyone looking for a way to get involved - get sponsored in our Man vs Food pork pie eating contest and see how many you can eat in 10 minutes!

The pork pies, topped with delicious cranberry and port, are all made by hand and Sauls will be donating all the proceeds from the sale of these pies to Red Nose Day. The charity helps thousands of people across the UK and Africa who lead unimaginably hard lives.

Director Chris Saul says, "We were trying to think of ways we could raise a bit of money and a giggle for Red Nose Day and we've been thinking about a few ideas for our pork pies so the idea was born from there. We know the pork pie has some die-hard fans across Northamptonshire so we're hoping a few people will take up the challenge!"

 The Man vs Food challenge will be held on March 15 at 12pm, contact the shop for more information on 01604 847214

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